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This podcast is for family leaders and those who aspire to think multigenerationally about their money, culture, work, family and community. Living out a multigenerational mindset that embraces good stewardship as a building block of God’s Kingdom on Earth might produce Abrahamic levels of impact. Can you imagine?!
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Quarantine Leadership

    What does it look like to lead your family during a quarantine? In this episode we walk through specific tactics that you can use in each of the 5 capitals: spiritual, relational, physical, intellectual and financial. ...


  2. You're a Homeschooler Now!

    In our second emergency podcast of the past 4 days, we're coming to you with some tips on how to navigate your likely and unplanned transition from not-homeschooler to homeschool family. Steven has been at this for a while and has some great tips to share from what ...


  3. Special Episode: The COVID-19 Crisis and Your Finances

    We had to do it guys - instead of waiting until next Wednesday, we wanted to provide some financial insights into what is happening right now and then give you some actionable tips. Whether you have millions of dollars invested or nothing, we've got some steps that you ...


  4. Responding to Financial Calamity

    In this podcast, Steven sat down with his parents, who have been through multiple life-changing financial disasters, and talked with them about how they responded. You WILL be better equipped to trust the LORD and deal with unexpected bad news after listening to this episode! ...


  5. Steven and Mark on A Hidden Life

    This week we have a chat between Mark Douglass and Steven Manuel on Terrence Malik's film, A Hidden Life. We have so few examples right now of men who truly stand up for right even when they are standing all alone. Heck, most folks who ...