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This podcast is for family leaders and those who aspire to think multigenerationally about their money, culture, work, family and community. Living out a multigenerational mindset that embraces good stewardship as a building block of God’s Kingdom on Earth might produce Abrahamic levels of impact. Can you imagine?!
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Latest Episodes…

  1. The Porn on Your Phone

    Do you remember the good ol’ days when a man who wanted to wander with his nether sexual parts had to leave his abode, physically walk into a seedy part of town, enter a building known by everyone to be a house of ill repute, and THEN and ...


  2. It's Lo Do Feb!

    Mark and Steven want YOU to join us for Lo Do Feb - the month in which we suck in our financial waistbelts and see just how little we can spend. Whether you use the proceeds to enjoy a little family generosity or to kill off some toxic ...


  3. Talking Tech and Boredom

    Steven and Mark sit down to chat through a couple of articles that we wrote on technology and the value of sometimes being bored. As we're trying a new format here, we'd love your feedback. You'll notice that we had a technical issue mid-pod that forced Steven to ...


  4. Insurance Finale: Disability & Umbrellas

    We made boys! Kinda how you felt when you sat down for the 32nd session of Netflixing and finally finished The Irishman, we're at the end of our insurance series. In this double whammy, we discuss disability insurance, umbrella policies and provide you with the cautionary tale of ...


  5. Steven, Paul and Benedict

    Live from the Aronoff Theatre, and then Live from Steven's treehouse! This week is a longer chat that Steven and his buddy Paul Nichols had about one of our favorite books around these parts - The Benedict Option. ...