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This podcast is for family leaders and those who aspire to think multigenerationally about their money, culture, work, family and community. Living out a multigenerational mindset that embraces good stewardship as a building block of God’s Kingdom on Earth might produce Abrahamic levels of impact. Can you imagine?!
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Latest Episodes…

  1. The Great Commission at Home

    How would you change the way you parent if you knew for 100% certain that your kids would obey the Lord EXACTLY the same way that they obey you? In this (long, live) episode, Steven digs deep into the complexities of how they are striving to raise children in ...


  2. The Hidden Power of Purchase Delay

    Your ability to delay gratification might be one of the most powerful determinants of your success in finance… heck, in all of life.  Don’t believe me? Well, have you ever heard of the marshmallow experiment? Sure you have: some gentlemen at Stanford, back in the ...


  3. Masculine Worship?

    Have you ever heard of a worship album that requires an explicit tag? We think you're in for a treat today with this conversation between Craig Dockery and Steven Manuel on what it looks like to move outside of the normal Christian music safety zone and into new, ...


  4. Shame is out to get you

    No lie: shame is the number one word that men (and women) are using when they talk honestly with us about their money scene. Some of those people have made huge messes of their financial life, but others, by any outside evaluation, are doing great. Shame is an ...


  5. Every Home an Outpost

    This week, Steven brings you his thesis on why your home exists. Think about it: your God-oriented home is, like Abraham himself, looking forward to a city “not made by human hands, whose Designer and Builder is God“. You are surrounded by people who don’t see it that ...