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This podcast is for family leaders and those who aspire to think multigenerationally about their money, culture, work, family and community. Living out a multigenerational mindset that embraces good stewardship as a building block of God’s Kingdom on Earth might produce Abrahamic levels of impact. Can you imagine?!
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Inheritance Horror Stories

    This week is part 2 of 3 on the topic of inheritance. You'll want to grab some snacks and settle in for scary stories of inheritance gone afoul. After we spin these tales, we'll wrap everything up next week with 25 tips on how you can set up ...


  2. What does the Bible say about Inheritance?

    The Bible says we are supposed to leave an inheritance... but does this mean what we think of when we say that word? (hint: no). In this episode, we explore what the Bible means when it says the word inheritance all over the old and new testament, and ...


  3. The Grandparent 529 Plan

    Whether or not you even had any kids, you should listen up as we discuss the benefits of the 529 savings plan as a vehicle for creating multigenerational inheritance - even for yet-to-be-born people! In this episode we give you a quick overview of why 529 plans are ...


  4. Don't be a Generalist

    A little change of pace this week - we bring you an episode that we actually published over a year ago on the blog when we were wondering if we could ever make podcasts. Well, now that you're here at the OFFICIAL Abraham's Wallet podcast, we thought you'd ...


  5. Advanced Budgeting Tips

    Mastering the art and skill of budgeting will result in you ending up with more money than you need to run your household. Did you hear that son? Tis true my hombres – you don’t need a raise or a side hustle—necessarily (though we love them)—to ...