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This podcast is for family leaders and those who aspire to think multigenerationally about their money, culture, work, family and community. Living out a multigenerational mindset that embraces good stewardship as a building block of God’s Kingdom on Earth might produce Abrahamic levels of impact. Can you imagine?!
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Interrupted Rhythms

    What should you do when your weekly rhythm runs into a roadblock? This week Mark and Steven discuss how to react when your regularly scheduled Sabbath runs into a conflict or an opportunity. Should you say no to anything different on these set aside days, or is there ...


  2. Tying Heartstrings

    Dads, you have a narrow window of time in which you can tie the heartstrings of your children. Did you know you need to win their hearts in that window? Most dads don't know that they need to be hard at work ingratiating themselves to their children RIGHT ...


  3. Where to Put Your Stocks and Bonds (Build Wealth Like an Ant, Part 5)

    We made it - the finish line for our Build Wealth Like an Ant series. Last week we sung the praises of plain old stocks and bonds (aka 'boring investments') and this week we talk about where to put them once you get your hands on a few ...


  4. Our New Biz: The Outpost Story

    Steven and Mark sat down to tell the end-to-end story of the formation of their business, Outpost Advisors. In this episode we talk through the ways in which Abraham's Wallet served as the catalyst for a new venture, describe why we're hiring more people to grow this company ...


  5. BlogPod: Build Wealth Like an Ant, Part 4

    In part 4 we sing the praises of good ol' boring stocks and bonds. No matter how you plan to build and steward the resources that you've been entrusted with, we think that this investment class is worth a good look. There are not many other assets that ...